MILT 275 Quiz Coping During Trauma

MILT 275 Quiz: Coping During Trauma

Covers the Learn material from Module 4: Week 4.

  1. Scott Smiley avoided this response, which is often characteristic of trauma.
  2. General George Marshall said that the of the soldier is more important than his equipment.
  3. People can have false conclusions about the “role God plays through our pain and suffering” when we misinterpret what?
  4. Fortunately, recovery from trauma takes little time and not much effort.
  5. Mental wounds are more challenging than spiritual wounds.
  6. In the resilience life cycle, what is done during the event
  7. All of the following except one can result in a downward spiral from the traumatic event. Which does not?
  8. The fork in the road so to speak for moving past a seismic even is between an upward road of despair and dysfunction and a downward road of post adversity resilience.
  9. Post traumatic growth is universal. Everyone who faces a traumatic event experiences growth.
  10. Individuals have a choice between suffering and growth and not suffering and not changing.
  11. A key aspect of resilience is “knowledge that you are part of a good team.”
  12. According to Eph. 6:11, what should individuals put on in the before cycle?
  13. Which Scripture passage would be useful for individuals during a traumatic event?
  14. A famous Vietnamese prison mentioned in the text was called the Hanoi Sheraton.
  15. Which areas of a person does trauma impact?
  16. Does one’s mindset going into trauma influence the way that individual views the trauma?
  17. Bouncing back or not can be presented by the example of these two objects that the author mentions in chapter 4.
  18. What is “critical to balanced and preemptive treatment” for trauma?
  19. The life of Jesus is our secret sauce that will foster spiritual resilience in people.
  20. In Greek, the meaning for trauma is .
  21. What is the preventive fashion that the author mentions in Chapter 3?
  22. Just because individuals experience growth does not mean they will not suffer.
  23. Which of the following is NOT one of the areas of Post traumatic growth?
  24. We either grow spiritually or we grow in bitterness.
  25. All of the following are categories from Joe Stowell’s the Upside of Down except?
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