MATH 201 Project 1

Math 201 Project 1 Liberty University

Based on Larson & Farber: section 2.1

Use the Project 1 Data Set to create the graphs and tables in Questions 1–4 and to answer both parts of Question 5. If you cannot figure out how to make the graphs and tables in Excel, you are welcome to draw them by hand and then submit them as a scanned document or photo.

  1. Open a blank Excel file and create a grouped frequency distribution of the maximum daily temperatures for the 50 states for a 30 day period. Use 8 classes. (8 points)
  2. Add midpoint, relative frequency, and cumulative frequency columns to your frequency distribution. (8 points)
  3. Create a frequency histogram using Excel. You will probably need to load the Data Analysis add-in within Excel. If you do not know how to create a histogram in Excel, view the video located at: A simple bar graph will also work.

If you cannot get the histogram or bar graph features to work, you may draw a histogram by hand and then scan or take a photo (your phone can probably do this) of your drawing and email it to your instructor. (8 points)

  1. Create a frequency polygon in Excel (or by hand). For help, view (8 points)
  2. Do any of the temperatures appear to be unrealistic or in error? If yes, which ones and why? (4 points)
  3. Explain how this affects your confidence in the validity of this data set. (4 points)
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