AVIA 314 Quiz Marketing

AVIA 314 Quiz: Marketing

Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1 and Module 2: Week 2.

  1. What does the “hub-and-spoke” system describe?
  2. In short, what did the Airline Deregulation Act do for the airline industry?
  3. What is the underlying issue in revenue diversion?
  4. Flight operations are conducted under what three parts to the Federal Code?
  5. What appears to be creating a shortage of helicopter rated pilots?
  6. What event has caused the airline industry to be a fast changing and volatile environment?
  7. Who makes recommendations to the FAA on its corrective actions?
  8. How does the text dene management?
  9. What would be a concern if using the care-taker management approach?
  10. “I’m so busy doing the urgent things that there isn’t time to do the important things.”
  11. What are the key functions of a manager proposed by Fayol?
  12. Which best describes contribution analysis?
  13. What is the economist’s true pricing theory?
  14. What is the underlying assumption behind regression modeling?
  15. What are the four P’s of marketing?
  16. (Use a minimum of two paragraphs to address the following question) What are the pros and cons of participative decision-making?
  17. (Use a minimum of two paragraphs to address the following question) Describe three elements of distribution and how they function.
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