AVIA 314 Quiz Risk Management

AVIA 314 Quiz: Risk Management

Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1 — Module 8: Week 8.

  1. The year of the first dirigible airline.
  2. What year was GARA signed into law?
  3. Having a strong ethical foundation will have positive results to your business, such as
  4. How does market research help the business owner understand trends?
  5. What is necessary before a company will see the addition of departments and divisions?
  6. Which is one of the two alternatives when taking action after analyzing business activity?
  7. The textbook mentions that a visitor’s initial contact with the FBO could be
  8. Airport noise is one factor of the overall importance of the manager/owner to
  9. Which is a factor of a maintenance operations challenge to maintain profitability?
  10. Which is a true statement about at-rate pricing?
  11. In regard to recency of experience, for what period of time must a technician show that they have had at least six months experience?
  12. Which is a requirement for the issuance of a repairman certificate?
  13. What does ARFF stand for?
  14. Which is a contributing factor in risk reduction?
  15. Which part of the regulations addresses reporting to the NTSB?
  16. The text mentions layers of insurance. The text also mentions the idea of a reinsurer. Which company was mentioned as the ultimate reinsurer?
  17. In regard to lease terms, what special provisions should be included within the lease agreement?
  18. What type of analysis is usually performed when considering a facility expansion?
  19. The survival of the FBO as a business is tied directly to
  20. (Use a minimum of two paragraphs to address the following question) What are three implications of product liability for an aviation maintenance facility?
  21. (Use a minimum of two paragraphs to address the following question) Explain the NASA SATS Program and possible opportunities for the airport/FBO.
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