EDUC 816 Week 6 Quiz

EDUC 816 Week 6 Quiz

EDUC 816 Quiz Qualitative Questionnaire

  1. Qualitative questionnaires function as a means of collecting data about everyday life.
  2. For the Applied Research Report, _____________ is information gathered to determine the opinions, beliefs, or practices within a given population at a specific site to solve a problem or improve a practice.
  3. The qualitative questionnaire will include _________________.
  4. When composing qualitative questionnaire questions, make them close- ended
  5. When developing qualitative questionnaire questions, skillfully compose the questions with the goal of
  6. It is acceptable to use the same, or similar, questions for interviews and a qualitative questionnaire, however, for the purposes of the Applied Research Report, you may not send a questionnaire with the same questions to a participant who was interviewed, as the responses may be the same, and thus redundant.
  7. Qualitative questionnaires are the study of
  8. Steps to Conducting Qualitative Questionnaire Research include all of the following:
  9. is a systematic process of identifying key passages and text, then making relationships between the words, phrases, and concepts.
  10. Quantitative surveys seek ________________.
  11. What are the two main types of questionnaires?
  12. The _______________ has an open-ended format that allows participants to freely express their opinions, beliefs, or practices.
  13. Which example is an appropriate question for a qualitative questionnaire?
  14. Which example is an appropriate question for a qualitative questionnaire?
  15. The formal standardized questionnaire is ________________.
  16. In qualitative questionnaire research, there will not be an opportunity to ask follow- up questions such as when conducting an interview.
  17. For the Appendix in the Applied Research Report, you must include the supporting information and questions. This is the same as the in-body text and includes justifications and citations.
  18. Qualitative questionnaire questions should be hypothetical to determine what could possibly happen in the future.
  19. Questionnaires may be sent via
  20. A push question deceives the participant into answering the question in a certain way, which is an acceptable practice in applied research.


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