ETHC 205 Exam 3

ETHC 205 Exam 3 Liberty University

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  1. According to abolitionists, the death penalty undermines
  2. Which is not a criteria of jus ad bello
  3. Death sentences are usually accompanied by
  4. Abolitionists want to see the death penalty stopped.
  5. There are at least 15 different sins that are considered worthy of death in the Old Testament.
  6. Nonparticipant pacifism allows for pacifists to be involved in behind the scenes work that supports a war effort.
  7. The Pro-capital punishment advocates argue that the ______ of a life term is not something society should have to bear.
  8. A second argument for capital punishment is that it provides a _______ against crime.
  9. Procedural abolitionists accept that capital punishment is moral but have concerns with how it is administered.
  10. Abolitionists claim that the death penalty should be stopped because
  11. There are no verses in the New Testament that address capital punishment either directly or indirectly.
  12. Nonviolent pacifism precludes the use of violence in any form.
  13. The debate over the morality of war is set against the backdrop of war in the Old Testament.
  14. Retentionists maintain that the life of the murder being exchanged for the life of the victim is not a punishment that is out of _________ to the crime.
  15. Although committed to nonviolence Dietrich Bonhoeffer attempted to assassinate
  16. Just war advocates defend the use of force by insisting that the of people and the biblical demand for justice make the use of force necessary.
  17. Abolitionists maintain that the death penalty removes the possibility of
  18. One argument offered on behalf of capital punishment is that it expresses an appropriate demand for mercy.
  19. Many retentionists use the Old Testament Law to support their view.
  20. Some pacifists agree that the state may be permitted to use violence to fulfill its God-ordained mandate.
  21. Just war advocates believe that Romans 13:1-7 give the _____ the obligation to enforce the law.
  22. The ___________ is a central biblical passage which provides part of the foundation for the pacifist.
  23. pacifists would be willing to work in an ammunitions factory.
  24. The debate between pacifists and just war theorists will likely continue until
  25. Regardless of the debate on the specifics of the Mosaic Law for today, most agree that the general principles that undergird the Law are relevant for today.
  26. What is your position on capital punishment? Which of the arguments do you find the most persuasive?
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