EDUC 816 Week 3 Quiz

EDUC 816 Week 3 Quiz

EDUC 816 Quiz Interviews

  1. A _____________________ interview employs a series of pre-set questions that the interviewer reads to the interviewee.
  2. Which type of interview is more of an informal conversation or chat session?
  3. The ______________ interview is best used when the researcher is interested in exploring a situation with depth while maintaining order and increased reliability of the data.
  4. The _______________ interview is best used when the researcher is interested in exploring a new situation or issue that has never been addressed.
  5. The ______________ interview is best used when the researcher is interested in gathering opinions or information quickly and efficiently among a large group of individuals.
  6. interviews provide more breadth than depth and are not recommended when trying to dig deeply into a situation or issue.
  7. Unstructured interviews can prove to be time consuming in that unneeded information is gathered when participants start to ramble.
  8. Semi-structured interviews are usually avoided or rarely used in applied research.
  9. In ________________ sampling, the researcher selects participants based on the ability of those individuals to inform the research topic.
  10. Interview questions located in the Appendix of the Applied Research Report do not contain the scholarly literature support.
  11. In _____________________ sampling, current participants recommend other participants to the researcher.
  12. When developing interview questions, you should skillfully compose every interview question with the goal of
  13. The questions should be_____________, meaning the researcher has conducted a thorough investigation of the current literature related to the research problem and based each question on the published knowledge.
  14. Steps to conducting Interviews include all these steps:
  15. A Frequency of Codes table may be used to help further support your themes.
  16. To code your data ______________________
  17. As you are transcribing, take note of common words mentioned, as these may become codes that develop into themes to solve the problem or improve the practice.
  18. The interview questions in the Appendix should _____________________.
  19. Interview data analysis consists of
  20. An unconventional form of interview may take place (such as via an internet chat room) as long as the interview is in a “real time” environment.
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