LIFC 502 Exam 3

LIFC 502 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. Human beings are creatures of habit that put themselves in trances all day long:
  2. Needs that are denied gain power underground:
  3. Standards are all of the following EXCEPT:
  4. A danger in a coach-client relationship is that some kind of parent-child relationship develops when challenging:
  5. Appreciative inquiry is a three-step process focusing questions on discovery, dream, and delivery:
  6. The Coaching Mandela is also known as:
  7. Suggested ways to reframe include all of the following EXCEPT:
  8. Values can be driven by:
  9. Questions can be used to subtly influence the client’s beliefs or perceptions:
  10. Three levels of values include:
  11. Socratic questions were designed to elicit wisdom from the instructor due to the student’s ignorance:
  12. What defines a great question:
  13. Each of these statements is true about women EXCEPT:
  14. Life gnats tax our attention and energy:
  15. Each of these statements is true about men EXCEPT:
  16. Personal standards are NOT:
  17. It is okay to a mix of objective and subjective feedback:
  18. Toltec’s four simple rules for fostering integrity would NOT include:
  19. Energy drainers include all of the above EXCEPT:
  20. Our habits are:
  21. “Parroting” is an amazingly powerful technique used extensively within clean language:
  22. Flores’ Cycle of Promise:
  23. Clients must work with life purpose first before life design:
  24. Coaching borrows the term “incompletion” from football:
  25. Which is NOT one of Maslow’s identified needs:
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