LIFC 502 Exam 1

LIFC 502 Exam 1 Liberty University

  1. Coaches ask for a binding commitment:
  2. When coaching conversations become stale:
  3. A first session should be:
  4. In Wilbur’s 4 Quadrants of Change, if a client is lethargic this can be addressed in:
  5. Good questions to ask when looking for a coaching supervisor would include any of the following EXCEPT:
  6. The Leadership Timeline is a written reflective activity recording both positive and negative life events:
  7. When the coach begins to see the client as an instrument, this would be called:
  8. Each of these is an area of a life review assessment EXCEPT:
  9. The “Big Five” does NOT include:
  10. In a divorce coaching assessment you are to disclose if you have a separation agreement in place:
  11. Life coaches assist people to:
  12. Coaching session notes are kept from the client due to confidentiality:
  13. Coaches do not often tell potential clients how much they would like to work with them:
  14. A “moving away from” person is less motivated to change when they are moving away from what they don’t like:
  15. The “living brochure” is a/an:
  16. The “Reality Now” stage of the GROW model is a good time for giving psychometric tests:
  17. The Welcome Packet is designed to document the client’s progress:
  18. These two coaching tools provide structure, expedite the initial work, and set clear expectations for the overall engagement of the first session as well as for ongoing sessions:
  19. The client prepares for their session by identifying priorities prior to the session:
  20. Many coaches use 180 Degree Feedback Forms to measure change in a client:
  21. Set aside this much time for your initial session:
  22. Utilizing “clean language” can sometimes lead to the discovery of a circular thinking or binding pattern:
  23. In executive coaching, the organization itself is the client:
  24. In developmental psychology, shifts from stage to stage do not happen without:
  25. Coaches work with clients:
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