LIFC 302 Quiz 4

LIFC 302 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Confiding your own stories of struggle is a sure-fire way to hinder the healing and growth of another person.
  2. Why do the authors say helping others in their marriages is enjoyable?
  3. What ultimately held Richard and Sharon together through counseling?
  4. Even healthy couples can be negatively effected by the demonic influence.
  5. Which of the following is NOT an emotion the authors suggest you should work through in Tip Twelve of chapter 10?
  6. Self-knowledge has what benefits for marriage mentors?
  7. The more you go through the decision making process, the more you can hurry through it.
  8. It is important to study the maturity level of your mentorees.
  9. Which of the following is NOT a common ingredient in a marriage recipe?
  10. Not allowing yourself the time and opportunity for self-renewal may lead to ______?
  11. According to the text, “Sharpening the saw” is vital for marriage mentoring because _________________.
  12. All of the following are ways mentors can increase self-awareness except:
  13. According to the text, which of the following is NOT a tip for encouraging words?
  14. Which of the following is true for a recipe for marriage?
  15. Every couple’s recipe for a healthy marriage will be unique to accommodate for the uniqueness of each relationship.
  16. Compassionate accountability stems from someone who does not necessarily care about you but is reliable.
  17. There is no substitute for the power, simplicity, and basic truth of a story.
  18. Accountability works best when we ask for it.
  19. Should we pray for our marriage mentorees?
  20. Opening the reality of their lives to others made the authors’ marriage
  21. According to the authors, some of the most fulfilled people are those who
  22. Which of the following is a question to ask your mentorees so that your prayers are more meaningful?
  23. One of the keys of self-renewal is _________.
  24. All of the following are vital concepts for marriage mentors to learn in order to effectively go with the flow except.
  25. How should you approach an opportunity to serve as an accountability partner?
  26. Which of the following is a key component of telling a good story?
  27. In what ways to do we serve others when we offer accountability?
  28. All of the following are true about stories except:
  29. If you aren’t being authentic, it invalidates every mentoring effort.
  30. The authors relay that it is necessary to “starve” in your marriage relationship before realizing that it is worth fighting for.
  31. According to the text, which of the following is an accurate tip to providing support?
  32. Marriage begins as a sprint but then slows to the pace of a marathon.
  33. The story the author tells about an acquaintance to illustrate supporting a spouse reveals that verbal encouragement is generally the most effective.
  34. What was the result of the story the author shares about his marriage to demonstrate the concept of SEA?
  35. Part of telling a good story is providing space and a listening ear to hear your mentorees’ stories.
  36. The authors state that dreaming in faith sets couples up for unachievable expectations.
  37. Authenticity is all about ____ rather than _______.
  38. It is not essential in marriage coaching to be yourself.
  39. According to the text, what does SEA stand for?
  40. Which of the following are examples of questions to ask your mentorees so you can pray most effectively?
  41. After getting a handle on being yourself as a marriage mentor, the next task is to become effective at going with the flow.
  42. After naming the problem, what do the authors say the next step is?
  43. Prayer is _________.
  44. Time given to inner renewal is sometimes a waste.
  45. Thoughts and feelings are the same thing.
  46. One of the most common ways to keep your marriage tuned up is through a marriage seminar or workshop.
  47. Which are some of the questions you can ask yourself to increase self-awareness?
  48. When you and your partner have different perspectives about the same thing,
  49. One of the most effective ways to renew the soul of your marriage is to “remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”
  50. You can out give God if you are diligent and intentional about caring for His people.
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