LIFC 302 Quiz 1

LIFC 302 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. According to the text, what can be the motivating factor for improvement in a marriage when one partner no longer wants to try just for the sake of his or her partner?
  2. The marriage mentor who focuses more on his or her potential for failure than on success is likely to fall.
  3. Gaining skills in selfless listening opens the door for couples to
  4. The section in the book about math in marriage coaching is used to explain what concept?
  5. There is not any one way that is best for improving a marriage. Couples have the freedom to be creative to figure out what works for them.
  6. The author says that marriage can be
  7. In order to keep the romance alive every couple needs to:
  8. What is described as the well-spring of our deepest desires?
  9. Which three traits are essential for marriage mentors to demonstrate?
  10. A mentor couple is NOT:
  11. In marriage and marriage mentoring, you must always remember that _____ are hard.
  12. What is (are) the key concept(s) to Christian coaching?
  13. Which of the following is not part of The Coaching Funnel?
  14. According to the authors, one of the deadliest saboteurs of a healthy marriage is what?
  15. The purpose of marriage counseling is to tell other people what to do to fix their marriages.
  16. When mentoring newlyweds, it is important to remember that conflict occurs when one person does not get what they want.
  17. What is one the most important questions for couples to ask themselves when making decisions about their marriage?
  18. Couples need to attend marriage counseling in order to effectively learn the skills of asking questions, listening, and setting goals.
  19. Related to time, hope is
  20. What is one of the most important questions an individual hoping to help another can ask?
  21. The author thinks that no marriage is necessarily irrecoverable.
  22. At the beginning of the chapter, the author talks about attempting to help a couple desperate to keep their marriage together. How long did the author have to work with the couple?
  23. ______ ______ are powerful expectations of how both spouses in a marriage should talk, behave, and think.
  24. In mentoring, silence is a sign that you need to say something because it means that something has gone wrong.
  25. According to Les and Leslie Parrot, _____ helps us cope.
  26. Successful marriage coaching results in
  27. The couple did not find the author helpful and after several more weeks of conflict, the couple separated.
  28. All of the following are among the most important roles mentors play except:
  29. Mentorees who are rushed into rapid changes will be set up for _____.
  30. Reading about the skills and exercises presented in this book is sufficient for healing a marriage.
  31. According to the Les and Leslie Parrott, which is a caution flag for marriage mentors?
  32. Putting oneself in the shoes of the couple being mentored is displaying _______.
  33. What skill made all the difference in Ted and Cindy’s relationship?
  34. These stages—numbing disbelief, yearning and searching, disorganization, and despair— collectively are all part of the process called ______.
  35. According to Les and Leslie Parrott, the “Big Question” is:
  36. One good way to keep a marriage from falling into mundane routine is:
  37. A mentor is:
  38. Both the husband and wife must learn how to expand their sense of “one-ness” to “we-ness” in their own way when a baby comes into the picture.
  39. The author talks about hope as one of the last experiences of whom?
  40. According to the authors, Melody and Kip were unqualified to be marriage mentors due to a recent crisis in their own marriage. Why is this a red flag?
  41. Marriage mentors who have been through the same addiction can and should try to treat the addiction because they themselves have overcome it.
  42. Who or what is the client of marriage coaching according to the author?
  43. In most cases today, the relational connection between the knowledge-and-experience giver and the receiver has weakened or is nonexistent.
  44. “US” is defined as the oneness of marriage, the synergistic union of two individuals and an entirely separate and superior entity compared to the two individuals that comprise the marriage.
  45. If necessary, marriage mentors may need to compromise their values and convictions in working with other couples.
  46. It is possible to fake genuineness without the mentorees noticing.
  47. Genuineness begets _______.
  48. The number one goal for both partners in a marriage that has experienced infidelity is ____.
  49. If you are meeting with a couple that you genuinely don’t want to meet, you ______
  50. Divorce rate of Christians compared to non-Christians is
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