LIFC 302 Quiz 2

LIFC 302 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Gradual change is an indicator of poor mentoring.
  2. “The success of a marriage comes not in finding the ‘right’ person, but in the ability of both partners to adjust to the real person they inevitably realize they married.”
  3. The most common of conflict for married couples is:
  4. If you are meeting with a couple that you genuinely don’t want to meet, you ______
  5. All of the following are issues many new couples face regarding in-laws except:
  6. It is possible to fake genuineness without the mentorees noticing.
  7. _______ is invaluable.
  8. A mentor is:
  9. Marriage is only as healthy as the least healthy person in it.
  10. Grief and addiction have this in common:
  11. What is the function of a Marriage Coach?
  12. According to the text, all of the above are identifiers of couples more likely to experience a marital crisis except:
  13. This is one of the most common marriage mentoring mistakes:
  14. When the spouse who wants to mend a broken relationship winds up unwittingly participating in the same impaired mental processes as the addict, we call this _________.
  15. The marriage mentor who focuses more on his or her potential for failure than on success is likely to fall.
  16. According to the authors, the first priority for marriage mentors should be a well-defined mission, one that is clearly stated, enthusiastically accepted, and internally believed.
  17. The purpose of a marriage mentoring relationship is to lovingly _______ in the preparation, maximization, and restoration of marriages by walking alongside couples who are less experienced than their mentors.
  18. It is an important part of mentoring is to be aware that mentorees bring you gifts which should be welcomed and for which you should thank God.
  19. According to the authors, empathy is a personality disposition that enables you to take the focus off yourself.
  20. It is important for marriage mentors to _____ before trying to solve the couple’s problems.
  21. The author says that marriage can be
  22. A mentor couple is NOT:
  23. Who is responsible for change in the marriage coaching?
  24. According to Les and Leslie Parrott, it is possible for a couple to recover after infidelity has occurred.
  25. A marriage mentor is a more experienced couple who helps another couple successfully navigate a journey they have already taken.
  26. In marriage and marriage mentoring, you must always remember that _____ are hard.
  27. As the author reflects back to when he first got married, he expresses that
  28. According to Peter Senge, what is the first rule of learning?
  29. Regardless of personal style, it is vital for all couple to physically write down their purpose statement for their marriage.
  30. The number one goal for both partners in a marriage that has experienced infidelity is ____.
  31. These stages—numbing disbelief, yearning and searching, disorganization, and despair— collectively are all part of the process called ______.
  32. What the difference in Ann and Andy’s relationship in the example provided in the text?
  33. According to the authors, a marriage mentoring relationship is ________ established by mutual agreement between a more experienced couple and a less experiences couple for the purpose of ______ the less experienced couple.
  34. One good way to keep a marriage from falling into mundane routine is:
  35. Putting oneself in the shoes of the couple being mentored is displaying _______.
  36. Fill in the blanks: The quality of __________________ is directly related to the quality of __________________.
  37. What Scripture does the author point to for couples to reflect on to learn about selfless love?
  38. What factor is overlooked a lot of times in regards to relationships?
  39. The author compares the process and content of marriage to
  40. The purpose of marriage counseling is to tell other people what to do to fix their marriages.
  41. You cannot mentor other couples about infertility if you have not been there yourself.
  42. Genuineness begets _______.
  43. The ultimate goal of each partner in a relationship where addiction is present is what?
  44. Who or what is the client of marriage coaching according to the author?
  45. All of the following are among the most important roles mentors play except:
  46. It’s better to focus on ____________, because ______________________________
  47. Understanding what one partner wants and needs allows the other partner to better meet those wants and needs and vice versa.
  48. What is one the most important questions for couples to ask themselves when making decisions about their marriage?
  49. Gaining skills in selfless listening opens the door for couples to
  50. If necessary, marriage mentors may need to compromise their values and convictions in working with other couples.
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