CRIS 305 Quiz Intro to Crisis Intervention

CRIS 305 Quiz Introduction to Crisis Intervention and Multicultural Considerations

  1. The Equilibrium model of crisis intervention seeks to equalize faulty thinking.
  2. The first suicide intervention program in the United States was created over a hundred years ago.
  3. Successful crisis work may be described as:
  4. Grassroots movements are:
  5. Eclectic crisis intervention involves the intentional and systematic selection and integration of valid concepts and strategies from all available therapeutic approaches.
  6. The Contextual-Ecological Model of crisis is:
  7. Characteristics of effective crisis workers must include:
  8. Chaos theory is a positive theory of crisis because it causes new, previously unknown solutions to be found.
  9. Crisis intervention services typically start through massive government funding to rectify some ill.
  10. Workers who have experienced the crisis a client is experiencing will undoubtedly be better able to handle it because they have overcome the crisis.
  11. The ACT Model of crisis intervention seems most appropriate for long term transcrisis intervention when the person cannot seem to get out of the crisis after a long period of time.
  12. SAFETY is a developing model for understanding clients’ social locations during:
  13. A universal view of multicultural counseling relates to “visible and racial ethnic minorities.”
  14. The ADDRESSING and SAFETY models both manifest the social locations approach Brown is proposing to understand the impact of multiculturalism on trauma.
  15. Multiculturalists in the United States are highly aware of how the competencies they promote apply outside the United States.
  16. When a crisis worker encounters language barriers he or she should:
  17. An effective multicultural view of a client includes a:
  18. Of the attributes that will serve crisis workers well in a multicultural crisis world, which of the following is not helpful?
  19. Geographic locale is a cultural barrier in a crisis because:
  20. Laura Brown uses the___________ model to delineate her social locations approach.
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