CRIS 305 Quiz Intervention Assessment

CRIS 305 Quiz Intervention Assessment Models and Crisis Intervention Tools

  1. Follow-up is an important task because:
  2. The task model is mostly passive in what it attempts to do.
  3. The Hybrid model conceptualizes assessing as overarching:
  4. A rating of 9 on a specific triage A, B, or C scale would indicate:
  5. The Triage Assessment system is an in-depth rapid but systematic technique for use by crisis workers in determining the severity of a client’s past and present dilemmas.
  6. The Hybrid model of crisis intervention epitomizes a stage or linear model.
  7. The psychobiology of humans in crisis is important because:
  8. It is not necessary to assess for lethality in every case because all clients certainly do not present with suicidal/homicidal ideation.
  9. In Task 3 Providing support, which of the following does not belong?
  10. Owning feeling is probably more important in crisis intervention because of the need to be directive.
  11. Providing guidance:
  12. An owning statement does which of the following?
  13. Relational markers:
  14. The crisis worker who interacts with complete acceptance of clients demonstrates:
  15. Of the following basic strategies for crisis intervention, which one seeks to deal with warded off, shunted, and denied feelings?
  16. An owning statement most generally starts with the pronoun:
  17. A good owning statement may mean making a value judgment about a client’s behavior.
  18. “Tell me more “is an open lead that asks the client for expansion of the subject.
  19. Closed questions are useful in crisis intervention to:
  20. Communicating empathically means focusing exclusively on the accurate restatement of the content of verbal messages and not trying to guess at underlying meanings.
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