PSYC 510 Quiz Predictive Research

PSYC 510 Quiz: Predictive Research Methods and Single-Sample Tests

  1. If you wanted to test a hypothesis that a sample of 75 people have a mean comparable to a population with a known population mean of 115 (using a One-Sample T-Test in SPSS), the Test Value you need to enter in SPSS would be:
  2. When conducting a Simple Regression in SPSS, the variable you want to predict would be entered into which box:
  3. If data are interval/ratio and the population is normally distributed, the data is most likely:
  4. Which of the following do you statistically test when hypothesis testing?
  5. The alpha level used most commonly in the social sciences (and always in this class) is:
  6. If an agency has a mean rating of 3.7 (based on 30 ratings), and they know both the regional mean AND standard deviation, which test would be most appropriate to see if they are similar to others in the region?
  7. If interested in the relationship between height (in inches) and weight (in pounds), which test would be most appropriate?
  8. If examining the relationship between academic rank and ranked attractiveness, which statistical test would be most appropriate?
  9. If you want to determine an individual’s standing compared to their peers, you would most likely be working with:
  10. If conducting a correlation, which graph is most appropriate?
  11. If interested in examining the relationship between happiness (measured using a Likert scale), and gender (male/female), which test is most appropriate?
  12. If your critical value for a Pearson r is 0.7067 and your obtained value is 0.72, which of the following statements would be most accurate?
  13. If a researcher reported for a two-tailed single-sample t test that t(10) = 2.25, then
  14. Given that on one section of the SAT the mean is 500 and the standard deviation is 100, what is the approximate probability of a student scoring 400 or lower on the test?
  15. The hypothesis predicting that differences exist between the groups being compared is to the hypothesis predicting that no differences exist between the groups being compared as _____ hypothesis is to _____ hypothesis.
  16. A false alarm is to a(n) _____ as a miss is to a(n) _____.
  17. If both variables are measured on a nominal scale, what type of correlation coefficient is appropriate?
  18. The estimated standard error of the mean is calculated by dividing _____ by
  19. A correlation coefficient of _____ indicates that the variables form a perfect linear relationship.
  20. A researcher is interested in whether students who are musicians have higher intelligence test scores than students in the general population. The researcher predicts that playing a musical instrument is associated with higher intelligence test scores. The researcher selects a sample of 75 musicians from local high schools and gives them an intelligence test. The mean for the sample is 105. The mean for the general population (μ) is 100 with a standard deviation (s) of 15. What is zobt for this sample?
  21. What is the probability of getting a ‘head’ on a single toss of a coin?
  22. If the points on a scatterplot are spread all over the graph, this would suggest that the two variables depicted are
  23. The problem of _____ can often be identified by using a _____.
  24. In a study on the effects of amount of sleep on driving performance, researchers predict that those in the group that is allowed more sleep will exhibit better driving performance. The researchers are using a _____ hypothesis.
  25. What is the probability of pulling a jack from a standard (52-card) deck of playing cards?
  26. For a single-sample t test with 18 participants, the degrees of freedom are
  27. Pam is interested is assessing the degree of relationship between gender and test grades in her psychology class. Pam should use the _____ correlation coefficient to assess this.
  28. A correlation coefficient of 0.00 is to _____ as a correlation coefficient of –1.00 is to
  29. General State University recently decided to discontinue its use of the GRE as an admissions tool for its graduate programs because they observed no correlation between GRE scores and subsequent GPAs. Ninety percent of the grades awarded in the graduate programs at General State University are A’s. What General State has failed to consider in this situation is the issue of
  30. No effect is to _____ hypothesis as effect is to _____ hypothesis.
  31. are an example of standard scores, which means one can transform individual raw scores into a standard form that provides a more meaningful description of the individual scores within the distribution.
  32. Marnie keeps answering the questions on the survey she is taking as she thinks most others in society would answer them, rather than with her true responses. Marnie’s answers illustrate
  33. Studies in which the participants are unaware that the researcher is observing their behavior utilize _____ observation.
  34. Which Standard in the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct clarifies that Psychologists do not fabricate data?
  35. If Joe scored 25 on a test with a mean of 20 and a standard deviation of 5 what is his z-score?
  36. In SPSS, data are entered into a matrix in which ____________ represent individuals or participants and ________________ represent different variables.
  37. An evaluation and interpretation of the results is to the _____ section as describing how the study was conducted is to the _____ section.
  38. Manipulated independent variable is to nonmanipulated independent variable as _____ method is to _____ method.
  39. A blood pressure reading is to a _____ measure as observing how many patrons in a fast food restaurant take advantage of free drink refills is to a ______ measure.
  40. Which of the following represents data arranged on an interval-ratio scale?
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