LIFC 202 4MAT Review

LIFC 202 4MAT Review Answers

The 4MAT Review is a way of responding to and applying content from a book of your choice. The book must be written specifically about life coaching. You may not use the course text book for this assignment. Any reviews submitted on the Dunbar text will receive an immediate grade of 0.

Include the following sections in your 4MAT Review:

  1. Summary: Summarize what you have read in 250 tight words. Prove that you comprehend the book by writing a clear and concise summary.
  2. Concrete responses: In 250 words, relate a personal life experience that this book connected with in your own life. Relate your story in first person, describing action, quoting sentences you remember hearing or saying. Remember to include cited information from the book when connecting its content to your story.
  3. Reflection: What new questions do you have in response to what you have read? Keep a note sheet at hand as you read. Begin with questions like, “What would I like further information on?”, “Where do I not agree/strongly agree with the author?”, or “What bothers me/excites me about this content?” This section must be 250
  4. Application: How does information book influence how you are going to continue your own personal and professional growth process? What actions or changes are you going to make in your life as a result of your learning? Be precise in summarizing your action steps, limiting these comments to 250

Formatting Requirements:

  1. Utilize current APA guidelines
    1. Title Page
    2. Abstract
    3. In-text Citations
    4. Centered/Bold Headings
    5. Reference Page
  2. Remain within 50 words of the required 250 word count
  3. Proofread your paper for grammar and spelling errors
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