LIFC 202 Quiz Personal

LIFC 202 Quiz Personal and Professional Development

  1. is a formalized process for maintaining and enhancing the skills and knowledge, as well as developing the personal qualities appropriate for your profession.
  2. When considering how beneficial supervision is, how often will the supervisor attend sessions with both the coach and client?
  3. Not quantifying a client’s intensity of feelings is another pitfall that many coaches fall into. The ability to quantify a person’s feelings on a scale of 1- 10, for instance, can help a coach better understand a clients issues.
  4. Explain what it means to get “hooked” into the client’s pattern of behavior, as outlined in chapter 14.
  5. According to the book, it is important to become comfortable with your favorite approaches as a coach. In doing so you become more practiced and efficient.
  6. Generally speaking, there is an abundance of supervisors in the field of coaching, and therefore easy to find a suitable match for your field.
  7. When considering working on one’s skill as a life coach, most training regiments focus on the same core values of the coaching profession. Specialization comes from experience in the field.
  8. A potential benefit for co-coaching is that it is often low cost when compared to other forms of coaching. Therefore, it provides a great learning opportunity at a low investment.
  9. When dealing with a supervisor, there are generally “set in stone” methods and guidelines for how often you meet and how you communicate with your supervisor.
  10. Today most all coaches are in agreement with supervision and how it should be regulated.
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