HSCO 502 Quiz Young Adulthood

HSCO 502 Quiz: Young Adulthood to Late Adulthood

Module 6: Week 6 — Module 8: Week 8

  1. What can you reliably predict about normal age-related changes in cognitive functioning in middle adulthood?
  2. High concentrations of ______________ secreted by cells of the immune system are related to maladaptive inflammation.
  3. Based upon research about marital relationships conducted by Gottman, what feature of a relationship best predicts the demise of a relationship?
  4. Petersen and Steward found that the characteristics related to high levels of generativity in adolescents and young adults are:
  5. In Super’s developmental approach to career satisfaction, he argues that an individual’s vocational self-concept evolves over time. What is the career development stage that usually characterizes adolescents and young adults?
  6. King and Kitchener offer specific suggesions for those that work with emerging adults. Which of the following is NOT one of their recommedations:
  7. Fluid intelligence is to ____________ as crystallized intelligence is to ____________.
  8. In Ryan and Deci’s self-determination theory, the fundamental psychological needs they described include
  9. Which of the following has not been proposed as a reason why people seek meaning in their lives?
  10. Kindling-behavioral sensitization describes
  11. When a parent is classified as “dismissive” tend to have babies that are
  12. Which of the following individuals would most likely be in the reorganizational stage according to Schaie’s view of adult adjustment?
  13. Video response. Review the video example 15.3 in your book; from the 3 statements select which one(s) are correct. Statement 1: Thelma uses the concept of selection in deciding what activities she will participate in, in order to maintain her health and wellness. Statement 2: Thelma and her sister downsized from a large home, to a retirement community as a way of optimizing their environment to match their life stage and desires. Statement 3: Thelma is not able to compensate for the restraints her age places on her physical abilities.
  14. Which of the following is not one of Kitchener’s stages of thinking dimensions:
  15. Reitzes and Mutran suggest Several factors at preretirement are strong predictors of positive attitudes toward retirement later, including
  16. Which statement regarding the research findings of partner selection is NOT accurate.
  17. Video response. Review video exercise 12.5 from the textbook. From the 3 statements select which one(s) are correct. Statement 1: The video demonstrates how MaKonnen used his physical fitness degree in various roles after graduation. Statement 2: The video demonstrates how MaKonnen uses his business marketing degree in his current job but much differently than he had anticipated as a college student. Statement 3: the video demonstrates how Makonnen realized that he was not going to be a professional football player and had to use his degree and talents to find employment and a way that challenged his career path.
  18. Video response. Review video exercise 13.1 from the textbook. From the 3 statements select which one(s) are correct. Statement 1: John stated three changes relevant to middle age; physical ability declines, mental abilities are still intake, and there are some sexual changes for men, but not to the extent that women experience. Statement 2: John stated that he has experience significant decline in his physical abilities, his ability to be successful as an adult student, and has encountered erectile dysfunction. Statement 3: a. John’s commentary on middle age demonstrates the concept of regulation of loss, representing an adaption of expectations.
  19. “The reminiscence bump” refers to
  20. Cross-cultural research findings indicate that
  21. Which of the following assumptions is NOT indicative of the life span development model?
  22. Which statement is CORRECT regarding the attachment prototypes in peer/romantic tradition:
  23. Which of the following is the most likely physical change that most adults will experience in their 40s ?
  24. How do the attitudes toward death among elderly people compare to the attitudes of younger age groups?
  25. Studies of brain activity during the early adult years suggest an increased capacity for
  26. When considering primary and second control strategies, which statement is FALSE:
  27. Which of these is the best definition of relativistic thought according to Perry?
  28. Video response. Review the video example 15.1 in your book; from the 3 statements select which one(s) are correct. Statement 1: Alvin stated that the most difficult part of having Alzheimer’s disease was having to tell his children and grandchildren. Statement 2: Alvin’s friend Jan recognized that he went from being very organized to misplacing things. Statement 3: One issues with Alvin’s disease is he often loses personal items.
  29. Which of the following are aspects of palliative care?
  30. In late adulthood, many of the physical losses of middle adulthood (e.g., sensory decline) continue. For people over 65 there is also a new physical problem that about half of the population must contend with, called
  31. Which of the following descriptions best characterizes the timing of indicators of adulthood in people’s lives today?
  32. Measures of subjective well-being typically assess degree of felt happiness or positive emotion know as hedonic well-being. Other measures of well-being focus more on assessing feelings of purpose, growth and master which is sometimes called
  33. Which of the following is the best example of fifth-stage thinking?
  34. The “Big Five” personality traits are
  35. According to Erikson’s theory, which developmental task is central to the middle adulthood stage of life?
  36. The “American paradox” refers to
  37. Which of the following is the most important factor in helping young adults avoid a slide into poverty?
  38. Research on mate selection indicates that people choose mates on the basis of all of the following characteristics, except for
  39. Which of the following is not one of the dimensions that Kitchener used to differentiate the stages of reflective judgment?
  40. The two types of stress management presented by Lazarus and Folkman are
  41. A positive emotional style
  42. According to research by Baltes and associates, in which decade is wisdom acquistion most important?
  43. The happiest people have excellent social relationships. This is because
  44. Gender differences in career choice are influenced by gender-role beliefs and life style preferences including this notion
  45. Research on job satisfaction indicates which of the following?
  46. What statement is FALSE regarding sterotypes and age discrimination research:
  47. In a study of relationship satisfaction and stability over a 3-year period, which of the following types of partnerships was the most likely to break up?
  48. How do sociologists classify actions like entry into marriage and becoming a parent?
  49. In a dimensional analysis of adult attachment style (as opposed to a simple set of attachment categories), the focus is on the degree to which a certain tendency is exhibited. What two continuous dimensions or tendencies seem to characterize most attachment scales?
  50. Video response. Review video 11.1 from the textbook. From the 3 statements select which one(s) are correct. Statement 1: the video demonstrates Gary’s conflict between returning to a previous status of relying on his parents while in graduate school and the obligation he feels to be independent and care for his family. Statement 2: Gary feels like his success thus far is attributed to the values that his parent exemplified and reflects their support and expectations for him. Statement 3: Gary is an example of the failure to launch syndrome and is comfortable relying on his parents for support while in graduate school.
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