BUSI 411 Quiz Defining Services

BUSI 411 Quiz: Defining Services & New Service Development

  1. Operations and sales are the two ________ functions in businesses.
  2. Buying goods or services instead of producing or providing them in-house is called:
  3. Product design and process selection are examples of _______ decisions.
  4. Which is not an area of significant difference between manufacturing and service operations?
  5. Which of the following statements about variation is false?
  6. Which of the following is not a reason for poor performance of our organization in the marketplace?
  7. Which of the following is least likely to affect the cost an organization incurs in producing its products or services?
  8. A firm pursuing a strategy based on customization and variety will tend to structure and manage its supply chain to accommodate more _____________ than a firm pursuing a strategy based on low cost and high volume.
  9. For an organization to grow its market share, it must:
  10. In an assembly operation at a furniture factory, six employees assembled an average of 450 standard dining chairs per five-day week. What is the labor productivity of this operation?
  11. Which of the following would be an advantage of using a sales force composite to develop a demand forecast?
  12. Which of the following possible values of alpha would cause exponential smoothing to respond the most quickly to forecast errors?
  13. The business analyst for Video Sales, Inc. wants to forecast this year’s demand for DVD decoders based on the following historical data: What is the forecast for this year using exponential smoothing with alpha = .4, if the forecast for two years ago was 750?
  14. Detecting nonrandomness in errors can be done using:
  15. Forecasting techniques generally assume:
  16. The term “degrees of newness” is associated with:
  17. Which of the following is not true about remanufacturing?
  18. Mobile phones have evolved from devices intended to place and receive phone calls into handheld multimedia communications devices, but in the eyes of some customers these new features make the phones less desirable. This is an example of:
  19. Which of the following questions is least appropriate during value analysis?
  20. The research and development activity which starts after positive research results are available and attempts to turn these results into useful commercial applications is:
  21. Goods-producing organizations are not involved in service activities.
  22. There are very few pure goods or pure services, so most companies sell product packages which combine goods and services. Therefore, most production systems involve a blend of goods and services.
  23. Strategy includes both organizational and functional strategies.
  24. Exponential smoothing adds a percentage (called alpha) of the last period’s forecast to estimate the next period’s demand.
  25. Quality function deployment is a structured approach that guarantees that the highest- quality product or service will be designed.
  26. Delayed differentiation and modular design are tactics for mass customization.
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