WRSP 430 Final Exam

Liberty WRSP 430 Final Exam Answers

  1. What are the reasons to embrace adversity as discussed in chapter 10? Identify and briefly discuss.
  2. List and briefly identify the seven things failure is not as presented in chapter 2.
  3. “When God evaluates people, He measures the heart.” List the characteristics God desires us to develop as outlined in chapter 9.
  4. What are the top ten reasons people fail as discussed in chapter 13?
  5. List the 15 Steps to Failing Forward as discussed in the text.
  6. List the seven abilities needed to “fail forward” as discussed in chapter 3.
  7. In Chapter 5, Maxwell outlines the negative impact on King David’s leadership following his sin with Bathsheba. List these results.
  8. In Chapter 7, the author discusses five signs that people haven’t gotten over past difficulties. List and briefly define.
  9. According to chapter 11, what are the six traps that make people back away from risk? List and define.
  10. What are eight things we can learn from our mistakes and failure as discussed in chapter 12? List
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