BUSI 430 Exam 1

Liberty BUSI 430 Exam 1 Answers

  1. The increase in the number of minorities and their buying power represents both an opportunity and a threat for companies.
  2. If a potential vendor offers what is perceived by a member of the buying center to be a better buy, the company may want to revisit the purchase decision. This type of situation is typically a:
  3. Attitudinal measures associated with branding are used to track the following, except:
  4. Which method of segmenting markets is based on the idea that people experience significant external events during their late adolescence and early adulthood that impact their social values, attitudes, and preferences?
  5. Noise is anything that distorts or disrupts a message and can occur at any stage in the communication process.
  6. A primary feature that keeps a brand strong occurs when the brand contains something that is important to consumers is:
  7. When you know other people have purchased the same brand that you are buying, the feeling is called:
  8. If Microsoft’s marketing team wanted to feature a different communications approach when designing mailings for various business industries, they could use:
  9. In consumer­oriented advertising research, advertisers often analyze psychological motives for product purchases.
  10. From a company’s perspective, a brand’s image can provide psychological reinforcement and social acceptance of a purchasing decision.
  11. Alliance or co­branding works best when:
  12. Vendor evaluation consists of an initial screening of proposals followed by a vendor audit of those who pass the initial screening.
  13. The revenue premium approach to estimate brand equity involves determining the financial value of the company through stock valuation with an estimate of the portion of the value allocated to brand equity and not physical assets.
  14. Two of the factors that affect members of the buying center are individual factors and
  15. is the mental position a person takes about a topic, person, or event
  16. The affect referral model of evaluating alternatives best fits with high involvement purchase
  17. Derek eliminated New Balance shoes because he doesn’t know anything about them. Derek used which type of evaluation process to make this decision?
  18. All of the following are examples of typical marketing communications objectives except:
  19. Digital marketing seeks to:
  20. American Airlines and BMW Motorcycles are examples of:
  21. Which of the following is a flanker brand?
  22. Advertising researchers want to understand reasons individuals select specific fashion trends. The best consumer­oriented research method to use would be a(n)
  23. The cognitive component of an attitude involves a purchase or some other type of activity.
  24. The foundation of an IMC program consists of a careful review of all of the following except:
  25. The percentage­of­sales method for budgeting for communications tends to allocate funds for advertising in the opposite direction from what is needed.
  26. In dual-channeling marketing, if the benefits sought from a product differ between the consumer and business­to­business markets, the best marketing strategy is to create separate communication messages.
  27. Changing an image is most necessary when:
  28. Brand equity is a set of characteristics that are unique to a brand that make it seem different and better.
  29. When the buying center members find out that leasing a fleet from one car rental company holds the advantage of a better repair service contract than other companies provide, they are in which stage of the business­to­business buying process?
  30. Discovering the major selling idea for a good or service is part of which component of communications research?
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