BUSI 430 Exam 3

Liberty BUSI 430 Exam 3 Answers

  1. Firms can reduce costs when customers order over the internet in all of the following ways except:
  2. Lifestyle marketing:
  3. Dwell time is higher but dwell rate is lower when video ads are placed beside content on a
  4. Most search engines examine the number of brand mentions in social
  5. Marketing on cell phones and smartphones is called marketing.
  6. Incentives that can be used to encourage consumers to make online purchases include all of the following except:
  7. One method companies are using to measure the impact of point­of­purchase displays is to utilize cash register data comparing before and after sales.
  8. Personalization and customization are part of an e­commerce’s:
  9. In terms of buzz marketing, the ideal situation occurs when:
  10. Printing a brand’s web address on a shopping bag used to carry merchandise sold at a brick and mortar store is a form of:
  11. Search engine optimization is the process of placing advertisements on search sites.
  12. One form of buzz marketing is for companies to sponsor individuals as agents or advocates to introduce new products.
  13. Any digital tool or venue that allows individuals to socialize on the web is:
  14. The initial reaction to advertising in alternative media was strong, but in recent years it has lost its appeal due to clutter.
  15. Consumers are wary of shopping privacy issues and security issues on the
  16. Successful email marketing campaigns must include all of the following except:
  17. Two keys to text message mobile advertising include careful timing of the message and using geo­ targeting so only consumers close to the retailer or business receive the text.
  18. In terms of generating buzz, brand evangelists are asked to:
  19. Web 1.0 transformed traditional retailing by creating engagement between companies and customers.
  20. Alternative marketing relies on buzz, word­of­mouth, lifestyles, and times when consumers relax and enjoy hobbies and events.
  21. According to consumers, ceiling banners and overhead mobiles are the most engaging forms of in­ store advertising.
  22. Advertisers believe that product placements lead to increased brand awareness and more positive attitudes toward the brand.
  23. Two reasons brand communities form are for social identity and bonding among the owners of the brand.
  24. In buzz marketing programs, the ideal situation occurs when a person who truly likes a brand tells others.
  25. A value­added incentive should be designed to inspire a short­term purchase rather than trying to influence long­term buying habits. Some marketers view stealth marketing as a shrewd way to introduce products to people, while others believe it is unethical because the brand sponsor does not reveal his/her identity.
  26. Branded content should be updated regularly, which according to most experts should be:
  27. The negative reaction to the Cheerios ad featuring a mixed­race couple illustrates the importance of social listening.
  28. All of the following statements are true, except:
  29. Cookies on computers allow a brand to track how many individuals arrive at a brand’s website from social media networks versus other website pages.
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