BUSI 430 Exam 4

Liberty BUSI 430 Exam 4 Answers

  1. When a retailer purchases excess inventory of a product while it is on­deal to sell later when it is off­ deal, it is:
  2. Shania received a sample of a new tea drink when she attended a football game in Miami. This is an example of instant redemption sampling.
  3. When planning a sponsorship or event marketing program, after the marketing team matches the event with the company’s customers, vendors, or employees, the next step would be to:
  4. Empowerment and reciprocity are important elements in a permission marketing program.
  5. A trade incentive involves a retailer performing a function in order to receive an allowance.
  6. International IMC programs should be assessed in several ways, including domestic results, results in other countries, and:
  7. Puffery is:
  8. Using identification IDs and passwords on a website for customers allows for each of the following customer benefits except:
  9. A public relations hit can be a positive or negative news story.
  10. Britney likes to use coupons and tends to purchase the brand of food that has the best coupon offer. Britney is a
  11. If the National Advertising Review Board rules that a firm’s advertisements are not substantiated, then the NARB orders the firm to discontinue the ads. This is very similar to the cease and desist order of the FTC.
  12. PACT stands for position advertising copytesting.
  13. Position advertising copytesting (PACT) was designed originally to assist in the evaluation of digital ads.
  14. While database marketing can be used for selling products, the primary benefit is the enhancement of customer loyalty.
  15. The Wheeler­Lea Amendment makes advertising using puffery illegal.
  16. The human resource department of a company plays a vital role in preparing effective internal public relations messages.
  17. In terms of online metrics, dwell rate is the:
  18. Scanner­delivered coupons encourage:
  19. The first step in the selling process is:
  20. Due to cultural differences, public relations programs have become less important in international marketing efforts.
  21. Damage control is only used when consumers make unjustified complaints against a company.
  22. When a company offers a premium, consumers receive a discount for the good or service and receive some type of special offer or free merchandise.
  23. Words such as “best,” “greatest,” and “finest” used in advertising are examples of:
  24. Cross­promotions are used with event marketing to boost the impact of the event.
  25. If a firm suggests or hints that it is associated with a major sporting event when it is not, it is:
  26. In a trade show, a buyer browsing and trying to learn about products from a series of competitors is a(n):
  27. Information about a prospect should always be collected in advance to making a sales call.
  28. Purchase and website visit histories are sufficient to build a quality database.
  29. Of the following methods of evaluating advertising, the one that is the most difficult to fake by respondents would be:
  30. If Wendy’s makes an advertising claim that the company offers great­tasting hamburgers, the practice is
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