HSCO 500 Quiz 3

HSCO 500 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. The goals of each member of a student services team includes all but which of the following
  2. The goal of Prison Fellowship Ministries (PFM) is to
  3. A national survey conducted in 2009 by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Educational Network (GLSEN) found that LGBTQ students experienced all but which of the following
  4. Human service professionals provide which of the following service in a hospital setting?
  5. The 2003 study by Stone, Cross, Purvis, & Young that asked subjects to rank various resources they found helpful during a crisis, found that subjects ranked professional services _______and religious beliefs and praying_________.                .
  6. The recent interest in faith-based counseling is based upon a
  7. Dual relationships among human service providers serving rural communities is often perceived as
  8. When rural communities evolve in urban areas, they are often called
  9. _______ of all rural children living in rural families live far below the federal poverty line
  10. Teenage pregnancy has ____ in recent years.
  11. Most of the children who were the original focus on the early efforts of early school social workers were
  12. School social workers tend to provide _________ while school counselors tend to provide
  13. The dynamic of the younger population leaving small towns for better opportunities in the cities, is called
  14. The criteria used to define faith-based organizations include all but which of the following
  15. Studies have revealed that   __of U.S. Americans identify themselves as being either religious or spiritual.
  16. Risk factor(s) for teenage pregnancy include
  17. The transcribed collection of Jewish oral tradition is called the
  18. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) represented a legislative attempt at
  19. The three foundational values within the Islamic community include
  20. The Association of the Jewish Family Services and Children’s Agencies (AJFSCA) acts as a(n)
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