HSCO 500 Quiz 4

HSCO 500 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Risk factors for gang membership include all but which of the following?
  2. Somewhere between ______ and ______ of the world’s population suffers from poverty
  3. Much of the effort of human service professionals are focused on countries with high rates of human trafficking, including:
  4. Human service providers working with refugees who have experienced trauma are advised to use trauma counseling techniques that are
  5. Human services professionals who work in practice settings dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault, gang activity, and criminal justice agencies such as police departments, probation, state, and county prosecutors, and within correctional facilities such as jails and prisons, are considered
  6. A common barrier to treatment in a correctional setting is
  7. Most people will find themselves caught in a tug-of-war between their ethical standards and their
  8. The general theme of human services ethical standards includes
  9. The official orchestration of sexual violence in wartime, particularly against women and girls is called
  10. The population in prisons and jails across the country has sky-rocketed, primarily due to sharp increases in
  11. Genocide is defined as any act committed with the intention to destroy, in whole or in part, a national ethnic, racial or religious group, evidenced by all but which of the following:
  12. Treating men who have been sexually assaulted is similar in some respects to serving the female survivor population except that
  13. Treatment goals when working with victims of crime should include all but which of the following?
  14. When a certain act is being evaluated to determine its ethical nature, Kitchener’s model would have the evaluators ask whether the professional acted with
  15. Human service professionals work with indigenous people in reconciliation efforts to
  16. Gangs consist of groups of individuals who
  17. Seattle Social Development Project, confirmed all but which of the following about gang members?
  18. The roots of poverty in many countries are often rooted in
  19. Violations of legally enforced ethical standards can result in
  20. According to Kohlberg, it is important to consider someone’s _______ability to apply moral reasoning to their behavior before judging them.
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