HLSC 610 Research Paper 2

HLSC 610 Research Paper 2: An In-depth Examination of a Terrorist Group

The student will choose a terrorist group and prepare an in-depth examination of it. The student may pick a simgle group or a larger grouping such as those who share a common ideology. For instance, one may pick ISIS or Al Qaeda or may choose to focus on Jihadist groups in general. Likewise, one may choose to examine the Klan or Neo-Nazis for example of right wing terrorist’s groups, etc. (The student will seek approval from the instructor through course room email by the end of Module/Week 1). The student will provide an in-depth analysis, starting with an overview of the group. The student will analyze the group’s overall ideology and its history. The geographic makeup of the group will be identified along with best known data such as size and activities past and present. The group’s tactics, behaviors, and methodologies of activity, including a discussion of force multipliers and terrorist structures and operational issues such as finance and administration, will be examined. The analysis will be written in standard APA formatting using headings and references. A minimum of 5 references is required. The examination must be at least 5 full pages of content.


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