HSLC 610 Research Paper 3

HSLC 610 Research Paper 3: The Nexus of Homeland Security and Terrorism

The student will examine the nexus between terrorism and homeland security. The student will analyze the use of all phases of emergency management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery and the subcomponents found in each phase) as much as is applicable as each relates directly to terrorism. Mitigation as it relates to terrorism will be examined and will include risk assessment as well as mitigation strategies both structural and non-structural. Mitigation of terrorism can and should be at many levels and in many ways, such as strategically and globally as well as tactically and locally and across a myriad of disciplines. Prevention will also be addressed and again holistically. Preparedness will be addressed, and there are many disciplines that represent the first responder community as well as the larger homeland security community. Response and recovery will be addressed and, once again, there are many groups involved in both phases. The analysis will be written in standard APA formatting using headings and references. A minimum of 6 references are required. The examination must be at least 7 full pages of content.

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