HIUS 380 Quiz 4

Liberty HIUS 380 Quiz 4 Answers

  1. The initial American Strategic campaign in the Pacific during the second World War initially consisted of plans to:
  2. While MacArthur was slowed down in his advances because of the need for land-based air, naval forces advanced with carrier-air into the _________ Islands by the end of 1943 in their preparation for an advance into the Marshall Islands.
  3. After realizing the futility of a Burmese or Chinese advance upon Japan, by December 1943 the Combined Chiefs agreed to an attack upon Japan from
  4. The amount of time necessary for the U.S. Army to clear the Philippines was:
  5. With the fall of Bouganville, a large part of Operation _________ was completed:
  6. Lessons learned at Tarawa included:
  7. Throughout the Philippines Campaign, General Douglas MacArthur used a series of amphibious and airborne drops to maintain the initiative and the offensive against the enemy.
  8. The American effort in Okinawa was:
  9. The Japanese lost the strategic initiative in the Pacific at the Battle of:
  10. General MacArthur argued vehemently by September 1944 for an invasion of__________ while Admiral Nimitz sought an invasion of
  11. With the end of the War in Europe additional troops were available to:
  12. As the Japanese were mustering for their third assault against U.S. forces they hastily assembled their naval forces and sailed northwestward for the engagement known as ________________ where they received a shattering defeat:
  13. A Japanese attempt to prevent the Americans from seizing a foothold in the central Philippines almost worked when a decoy force drew Admiral Halsey’s forces away in the Battle of
  14. The interim objectives of the advances toward Japan included the ultimate use of airpower; carrier and land-based respectively against Japan from _________ and
  15. With the fight on Leyte still raging, MacArthur skillfully began an invasion of:
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