HIUS 380 Quiz 8

Liberty HIUS 380 Quiz 8 Answers

  1. Previous attacks by al Qaeda before 9-11 had prompted American responses by:
  2. Osama bin Laden appeared to have slipped a tightening tactical noose by escaping into the:
  3. The Taliban’s primary unit and weapons were:
  4. The Army assumed increased responsibilities in the years leading up to 9-11 and afterwards in the area(s) of:
  5. The fighting in Afghanistan fractured into several miniature campaigns because
  6. Because of the Iraqi propensity to hide valuable equipment amongst the civilian population, air power was most effective when used
  7. While American armor was generally invulnerable to Iraqi fighters, much resistance was received from the
  8. Operation ENDURING FREEDOM opened with a(n):
  9. The war in Iraq had more personnel and aircraft than had been used in Operation DESERT STORM.
  10. During Operation ANACONDA the U.S. effectively
  11. To prevent becoming bogged down in expensive and lengthy urban combat in Baghdad, American commanders ordered an assault on the airport nicknamed:
  12. During March 2003 while the city of An Nasiriyah remained contested, the 11th Aviation Group received terrible losses to its AH-64 Apache helicopters at the hands of the :
  13. Initial strikes and air power in Iraq was generally most successful when it was used:
  14. The Operation IRAQI FREEDOM experience demonstrated the transition from a Legacy Force to an Objective Force with its emphasis on network improvements and digital technology as demonstrated by the BLUEFOR tracking system and the development of the brigade combat team as the combined-arms framework of choice.
  15. During the advance towards Baghdad, despite sometimes fierce opposition and sandstorms, American troops were aided by:
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