HIUS 380 Quiz 6

Liberty HIUS 380 Quiz 6 Answers

  1. After the Korean War, President Eisenhower elected to _______________ the defense budget.
  2. As U.S. military leadership under Generals Matthew Ridgway and Maxwell Taylor pushed the Eisenhower Administration towards a flexible response, the American government was increasingly supportive of the South Vietnamese government of:
  3. As the new Military Advisory Command Vietnam (MACV) and the United States in general continued to expand its power in South Vietnam and Thailand , the communists tightened their grip in:
  4. The Army during the 1950’s found itself deploying to various areas to include:
  5. Under the Reorganization Objective Army Division (ROAD) the Army created ___________ types of divisions:
  6. The creation of the 1st Cavalry Division (airmobile) demonstrated the Kennedy Administrations belief that:
  7. Some of the weapon improvements of the 1950’s “Dual-Capability” Army included:
  8. The concept of Vietnamization placed greater emphasis on pacification through Civil Operations and Rural Development Support (CORDS). An important aspect of CORDS was:
  9. Throughout General Abrams tenure as MACV commander, the American military from 1969-1971 continued operations for the purpose of:
  10. True victory in Vietnam seemed elusive since the Military Assistance Command in Vietnam (MACV) had successfully defeated the enemy conventionally through 1967, but these successes were not translated into success at
  11. The basic shape of the Army division during the 1950’s was smaller and more dispersed due to the perceived nature of the atomic threat. The divisions were called: (need an answer)
  12. Though it could be argued that the Tet Offensive was a tactical and strategic failure, the American public quickly:
  13. As American troops continued to withdraw, the final battles between the North and South during the 1972 offensive resembled Tet 1968, except that
  14. In the Highlands in 1965, American airmobile operations were extremely:
  15. By February 1967 in attempts to clean out the treats to Saigon, the Army became involved in attempting to destroy enemy strongholds through patrols, and covoying vital roads and actually allowed the only airborne drop of the war by the
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