HIUS 380 Quiz 1

Liberty HIUS 380 Quiz 1 Answers

  1. The Army responded to the brutal massacre of U.S. troops in Samar with:
  2. The initial assault by U.S. forces into the Philippines occurred under the command of General ___________ who had replaced General
  3. President William McKinley probably wanted to avoid war with Spain but could not after:
  4. The constitutionality of utilizing the militia (National Guard) to serve overseas was bypassed by:
  5. The author of the text argues that tactically, the Army performed well during the guerrilla phase of the war in the Philippians by the utilization of posts for the purpose of:
  6. Before attacking the heights of San Juan, General Shafter sent General Lawton to ___________ to clear out possible flanking fires from:
  7. Brigadier General Jacob F. Kent’s troops took San Juan Hill backed by fires from:
  8. The book suggests that a new Manifest Density is:
  9. Tampa was generally considered a poor area for launching an invasion because it:
  10. The Peace of Paris in 1898 resulted in the United States receiving ____________ from Spain.
  11. The U.S. offensive of November 1899 marked the beginning of:
  12. Following Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt’s instructions to prepare for naval combat in the Philippines and Admiral Dewey’s response to orders:
  13. In addition to actual fighting, American forces also:
  14. The mobilization of large numbers of volunteer forces compounded the problem of:
  15. The cooperative relationship between the Filipinos and Americans quickly deteriorated in 1898.
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