HIUS 313 Quiz Ratification Debates

HIUS 313 Quiz: The Ratification Debates

Module 5: Week 5

  1. As revealed by McClellan, equity law emerged in the courts of chancery and not in the common law courts of England?
  2. As revealed by McClellan, the originally adopted “Bill of Rights” by Congress contained how many amendments?
  3. According to McClellan, at the beginning of the Federal Convention, the Federalists and Anti-federalists were basically in agreement that the Article of Confederation needed to be changed?
  4. As revealed by McClellan, the best commentary regarding the Constitution is The Federalist?
  5. According to McClellan, to understand original intent, one should consult
  6. Virginia and New York were among the first states to ratify/approve the Constitution.
  7. The Bill of Rights became part of the Constitution in
  8. According to McClellan, Madison’s argued that the government of the United States was to be:
  9. As revealed by McClellan, Patrick Henry believed that if a government became inadequate, the people should have a right to:
  10. According to McClellan, the Bill of Rights simply made what was already implicit in the Constitution explicit?
  11. How does the executive, under the US Constitution, differ from that of a king? Briefly, compare the two sides.
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