HIUS 313 Quiz Philadelphia Convention

HIUS 313 Quiz: The Philadelphia Convention

Module 3: Week 3

  1. As revealed in McClellan’s book, how many of the 55 delegates to the Philadelphia Convention had also been members of the Continental Congress?
  2. According to McClellan reflecting on the ideas of James Madison, which form of government is America NOT?
  3. According to McClellan, Alexander Hamilton desired to make states as mere agencies within a national government.
  4. As revealed by Dr. Roberts and McClellan, the majority of delegates at the Philadelphia Convention were judges and lawyers.
  5. According to McClellan, the Constitution proposed at the Philadelphia Convention was a new concept of government in global politics.
  6. According to McClellan, the Philadelphia Convention was a spirited and raucous meeting, with delegates harshly disagreeing and forming longtime political divisions.
  7. As revealed in McClellan’s book, which delegate chaired the committee assigned to draft the Articles of Confederation?
  8. According to McClellan, per period definition, the government created by the founders, under the Article of Confederation, was a federal government?
  9. As discussed in McClellan’s book, the American government was created a national government in which the states had limited power?
  10. As discussed in McClellan’s book, the Connecticut Compromise gave all States equal representation in the House and apportioned representation in the Senate.
  11. Discuss the Committee on Style, its purpose, and what it accomplished as presented by Dr. Roberts.
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