HIUS 313 Quiz Constitutional Roots

HIUS 313 Quiz: America’s Constitutional Roots

fModule 1: Week 1

  1. According to Kickler, in general, constitutions cultivate the rule of law?
  2. According to Kickler, the American Revolution was only a tax revolt?
  3. According to McClellan, American founders believed that the only hope for preserving liberty was offered by republicanism?
  4. The branches of the American form of government, as outlined in the US Constitution, are:
  5. According to McClellan, the most influential Continental thinker concerning the American founding was
  6. According to Kickler, what is justice’s prerequisite?
  7. What constitutes as the Bible of the English Constitution as identified by McClellan?
  8. A constitution can be unwritten.
  9. Prior to the British Constitution, all national constitutions were unwritten and informal?
  10. According to McClellan, the foundation of Anglo-American liberties is
  11. Why did the members of the Philadelphia Convention choose to write a new constitution instead of amending the Articles of Confederation? What were some of the reasons?
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