HIUS 313 Quiz Bill of Rights

HIUS 313 Quiz: The Bill of Rights and the 1790s

Module 7: Week 7

  1. According to the Tenth Amendment, who possesses the powers that are not specifically delegated in the Constitution?
  2. Which amendment grants the protection of the State’s rights?
  3. The Constitution recognizes absolute rights?
  4. Which of the following is not guarded by the First Amendment?
  5. Which amendment guarantees no cruel or unusual punishment?
  6. According to McClellan, the purpose of the Establishment Clause was to:
  7. According to McClellan, freedom involves individual responsibility and every right is married to some duty?
  8. As revealed by McClellan, originally the meaning of the word militia was:
  9. McClellan reveals that a search warrant must:
  10. McClellan reveals that the original purpose of the Ninth Amendment was to limit the powers of the Federal government, not to expand them?
  11. Summarize what Hall reveals as evidence that Madison’s influence on the “Separation of Church and State” has been exaggerated?
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