GOVT 462 Discussion 4

  • Differentiate between discretionary and mandatory spending as part of the US Budget, while incorporating an explanation of how entitlements started, found in chapter 7 of your Wilsdavsky & Caiden text.
  • Also, discuss whether or not these sorts of entitlement programs are constitutional.
  • Be certain to incorporate a discussion of moral and legal duties in light of a biblical view of property.
  • Conclude your discussion of a brief proposal on entitlement reform by resorting to budgetary data located in the President’s FY2012 Budget and the various charts provided for you from the Heritage Foundation’s Budget Chart Book.

This answer key is for three (3) previously written discussion boards. This means that there are three different variations of discussion board answers you can use. I have written them for Liberty students before. Scored an A+. 

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