GOVT 360 Final Exam

Liberty GOVT 360 Final Exam Answers

Choose 4 of the following essay questions to answer for your Final Exam. In each textbox within the exam, note which question you are answering.

  1. Explain the group dynamics behind Irving Janis’ concept of groupthink. Can you suggest some form of antidote to the negative effects of groupthink in organizational life?
  2. How do you believe that organizational behavior will change due to the increasing entry of women into the workforce? Explain how public policy has helped more women enter the workforce and aspire to higher positions in organizations.
  3. How has the new management doctrine affected the traditional role of public managers who once simply thought of themselves as “neutral guns for hire”?
  4. Define reengineering. Why is the subject of reengineering being introduced in a chapter about managerialism?
  5. What is the meaning of “performance management”? What is the public policy that is associated with performance management?
  6. What is meant by the term “strategic management”?
  7. Explain the essential elements of strategic planning.
  8. Explain the concept behind benchmarking. How is benchmarking achieved for improvement of public sector efficiency and effectiveness?
  9. What do the authors mean by “charismatic leadership”?
  10. Explain how the Griggs decision relates to the merit system in the private sector. In what form was the intent of the Griggs decision extended to the public sector?
  11. Explain how social equity policy is often developed incrementally in response to social need and leaders’ understanding of it. Use the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to do so.
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