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An annotated bibliography is a tool often used by researchers to record their findings of important scholarly work related to their own research question. It is a listing of written work, with each entry followed by a brief paragraph summarizing key arguments, concepts, information, and important findings and conclusions of the work. Summaries may also include quotations or data from the work that the researcher may want to include, properly cited, in his/her own writing.

For this assignment, you will develop your own Annotated Bibliography to jumpstart your research into the topic you selected in Module/Week 3 for your final essay. You will use the sources/information you record here as you develop your essay. Although you will submit this Annotated Bibliography with a minimum of five (5) sources, we recommend that you continue adding sources as you progress in your research and writing of the essay.

Research Tips:

  1. Upon finding a relevant source addressing your chosen topic, consult the References or Works Cited list for that source. It may lead you to interesting sources for your own use.
  2. See the Research Handout (Course Content/Course Guides and Assignment Instructions/Additional Information) for tips on finding scholarly sources.
  3. See the following academic links for extra help:
    1. Writing the Annotated Bibliography
    2. Lucy Scribner Library: Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Submission: Adapt Turabian’s style for references by adding 1–2 paragraphs of notes under each source listed.

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