ETHC 101 Quiz 8

ETHC 101 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. Some people argue that in order for women to have freedom equal to that of men, they must have the liberty to choose which of the following?
  2. Voluntary euthanasia involves which of the following:
  3. What percentage of pregnancies in America are aborted according to Christian Ethics?
  4. Involuntary euthanasia involves which of the following:
  5. Since 1869 the Roman Catholic Church has been strongly opposed to abortion. However, there are certain situations in which actions that indirectly result in the loss of fetal life are permitted. Here Roman Catholics are utilizing what principle that we learned about in the chapter in Moral Reasoning that deals with Natural Law ethics?
  6. The book Christian Ethics affirms which of the following:
  7. The book Christian Ethics attributes what attitude toward abortion on the part of the Christian theological tradition?
  8. Toward the end of the reading on abortion in our book Christian Ethics, a third option in addition to the sometimes difficult choice between unwanted motherhood and abortion is briefly discussed. The fact that there is a third option indicates that the “it’s either motherhood or abortion” position commits what fallacy?
  9. The term “quickening” refers to:
  10. “Active euthanasia” refers to which of the following:
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