ETHC 101 Quiz 7

ETHC 101 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. According to a study cited in Christian Ethics, does premarital cohabitation decrease the likelihood of divorce?
  2. Our textbook Christian Ethics says that data indicates that which of the following negative effects for children seem to result from declining marriage rates, high divorces rates, and increased births to cohabiting couples?
  3. In the reading in Christian Ethics Ann argues that in addition to knowing the biblical rule about sex outside of marriage we need to ask ourselves what question?
  4. Augustine appreciated the benefits of marriage, but what did e claim is even better?
  5. According to the assigned reading, the consistent stance of the church through the centuries has been:
  6. An argument for inclusion of homosexuals in the church that is mentioned in the reading is:
  7. In the “betrothal tradition” (mentioned in Christian Ethics) the period of engagement to be married is viewed as a trail marriage. Does this tradition permit sexual intercourse prior to the wedding?
  8. In part VII of Christian Ethics Maggie argues that rules that provide structure are important for what reason?
  9. According to the reading, the United States of America has a high divorce rate, but not the highest rate in the world. What country is said to have the highest divorce rate?
  10. In part VII of Christian Ethics Maggie is concerned about the example that Cathy is setting for whom?
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