ETHC 101 Quiz 6

ETHC 101 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. The straw man fallacy involves:
  2. The fallacy of conflation involves:
  3. What is a “common ground argument”?
  4. The concept of progressive revelation postulates that:
  5. According to the book Christian Ethics, most developed countries other than the United States treat provision of health care as what?
  6. The Sorites Paradox involves what question:
  7. According to Christian Ethics, the norms of love and justice call us to what?
  8. In the Hebrew Bible, the wellbeing of the Israelites was seen as a blessing that came directly from God. In turn, what did God expect of the Israelites?
  9. Christian Ethics affirms that in the United States, the poor can become trapped in which vicious cycle?
  10. According to the textbook Christian Ethics, what is the foundation of justice according to the Bible?
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