ENGL 300 Quiz 3: The Tempest

ENGL 300 Quiz 3: The Tempest

Covers the Learn material from Module 3: Week 3.

  1. Which of Prospero’s servants on the island is the son of the “hag,” Sycorax?
  2. Which of Prospero’s servants did he rescue from imprisonment inside a “cloven pine”?
  3. For what main reason does Prospero claim that he changed his early humane treatment toward the son of Sycorax and began to handle him more roughly?
  4. What act does Antonio try to persuade Sebastian to perform while the other members of the party have been magically put to sleep?
  5. Who permitted Prospero to take his books with him from his library when Prospero was sent into exile with Miranda?
  6. What task has Prospero assigned Ferdinand to complete (which he gladly does so long as he can be near Miranda)?
  7. Why does Stephano continually beat Trinculo while Caliban is speaking with him in Act III, Scene 2, despite Trinculo’s professed innocence?
  8. What does Prospero cause to appear before Alonso and his men that Ariel, disguised as a harpy, just as quickly makes disappear?
  9. Prospero promises to give Miranda to Ferdinand as his wife on what one strict condition?
  10. How does Ariel distract Stephano and Trinculo from entering Prospero’s cell to try and kill him, despite Caliban’s protests that it’s all just a trap?
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