ENGL 300 Quiz 2 The Inferno

ENGL 300 Quiz 2: The Inferno and Medieval Worldview

Covers the Learn material from Module 2: Week 2.

  1. Name two of the three “fierce beasts” that block Dante’s way in the first canto of The Inferno.
  2. Identify two of three “ladies” that commission Virgil to help Dante.
  3. How does Minos, the judge of the underworld, indicate the level of hell that a particular sinner will be sent to? (in other words, what gesture does he perform?)
  4. How do Virgil and Dante manage to get into the locked-up city of Dis?
  5. What is the entirely appropriate punishment for the flatterers (“brown- nosers”) in hell?
  6. What circle of hell is Dido in and punished for what dominant sin?
  7. How are the thieves like Vanni Fucci punished in hell?
  8. No medieval Christian theologian would deny the general theory of planetary influence (in other words, astrological influence) over human temperament and personality.
  9. Which is an example of a text from the High Medieval period?
  10. Which medieval “humour” is composed of hot and dry elements?
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