EDUC 665 Quiz 5

EDUC 665 Quiz 5 Student Affairs Models

  1. According to the author, student’s do not detect the subtleties in various student affairs approaches, and instead see the entire campus as a:
  2. The primary distinction between the cocurricular model and the extracurricular model is:
  3. Which Student Affairs model approaches student as customers?
  4. Which Student Affairs model could be considered the most resource-thirsty?
  5. Which Student Affairs model was partially derived from the same theorist that founded Social Learning Theory?
  6. According to the text, what characteristics are important to cultivate when switching to, or adding a Student Affairs model?
  7. An institution’s choice of Student Affairs models is heavily driven by:
  8. What is a primary benet of the “Functional Silos” model?
  9. Approximately what percent of senior Student Affairs officers have a terminal or professional degree?
  10. Which of the following service entities is not commonly organized under Enrollment Management?
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