EDUC 665 Quiz 4

EDUC 665 Quiz 4 Student Engagement

  1. Why does student retention require a multi-disciplinary theoretical approach?
  2. Student Services Tinto’s interactionalist model based on an acculturation- assimilation perspective is most accurately summarized by which common phrase?
  3. Which of the following is not a practice born out of the DEEP project?
  4. According to Tinto’s 1975 theory, who is most responsible for engagement?
  5. Why does the author suggest that retention theorists will likely view the issue of student experience through a “wide-angled lens” in the future?
  6. Which retention theorist is credited with developing Student Involvement Theory?
  7. An institutional investment in expanding campus lab space and external internship opportunities falls most closely in alignment with which theory?
  8. According to chapter 15 of the text, which of the following is a primary reason retention and completion rates so highly valued by institutions?
  9. The makeup of an institution’s environment has the greatest direct impact on:
  10. The Ecological model suggests that all but which of the following help shape the campus environment?
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