EDUC 215 Module 6 Quiz

EDUC 215 Quiz Maltreatment of Children

Covers the Textbook material from Module 6: Week 6.

  1. Abused children find it relatively easy to establish trusting relationships with their teachers.
  2. The term “latchkey” refers to children who are from broken homes.
  3. In many cases of child maltreatment, stress is:
  4. Children are most frequently abused by:
  5. Discipline that is physical and forceful, such as hitting and shoving, teaches children to respect adults.
  6. Withholding food, failure to keep a child reasonably clean, and leaving a three-year-old home alone are examples of:
  7. It is the family’s right to discipline their children as they see fit.
  8. A lack of physical contact and psychological closeness with a primary caregiver can stunt an infant’s growth.
  9. When parents are accused of child abuse, they often defend their actions on the basis of:
  10. Shaken baby syndrome:


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