EDCO 790 Traumatology Paper

EDCO 790 Traumatology Paper Liberty

The student will articulate his or her approach to trauma counseling while demonstrating course-related knowledge and critical analysis. The paper should reflect a theory- and research-supported view of traumatology, an approach that he or she personally would comfortable applying in clinical practice, and a biblical view of persons. The student will explain pre-suppositions about why and how individuals experience traumatic stress in response to traumatic events, discuss symptoms and coping behaviors, address the role of assessment, articulate best practices for treatment using at least one theoretical lens (CBT, EMDR, emotion- or body-focused approaches, etc.), explain how this approach would be adapted based on a client’s characteristics, context, background, age, etc., address how its effectiveness could be evaluated, and articulate how biblical principles may be integrated in the treatment. The student will rely on all required course texts for the content and must integrate 10 additional sources in a meaningful way (all of which must be scholarly; at least ten of which must be research articles published within the last ten years). The paper must be 15-20 pages (not including title page, abstract, or references), well written in APA style, and organized per the instruction available on Blackboard. Since this is not a research paper and the student will articulate his or her perspective, using the first-person pronoun is appropriate; however, a scholarly writing style is otherwise expected. (Meets learning outcomes B, C, & D)

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