EDCO 790 Case Study

EDCO 790 Case Study Assignment

The student will interview an adult who has experienced a traumatic event. The student can complete the interview either face-to-face or via a video-conferencing application such as Web-Ex or Skype. In addition to listening to the interviewee’s presentation of the situation, the student must also note non-verbal aspects of the person’s response, and both of these aspects should be included in the Case Study Assignment. The body of the Case Study Assignment must be 8–10 pages (not including title page, abstract, or references. The Case Study Assignment must be written in current APA format and include a title page, running head, abstract, and a reference page, and include at least 3 scholarly citations to illustrate the nature of the trauma, the reaction(s) of the interviewee, or other relevant factors discovered or witnessed.

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