CRIS 609 Exam 3

CRIS 609 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. Until a crisis responder is deployed to an incident organization, he/she should ________ his/her everyday role.
  2. Celebrities and politicians will often appear on-site in the ____________ phase following a disaster.
  3. If you arrive on a scene where there is a coordinated response and an existing emergency response incident command setup, you do not need to report in as you have your own incident command for your organization.
  4. According to Halpern and Tramontin, when a disaster occurs, ___________ is the strength of the direct impact of the disaster event.
  5. Which disasters will tend to have the greatest impact?
  6. Which of the following is crucial when a church develops preventative plans?
  7. One child will die every five days from choking.
  8. What do church leaders need to know regarding the pace of recovery following a tragic event?
  9. 60% of all child abuse cases occur to children under 3
  10. When should ministers and church leaders check in on parishioners following a tragic event?
  11. One in __________ children will experience at least one traumatic event before 16 that will result in injury:
  12. Unintentional injury is the number ___________ cause of death among children under 14.
  13. Acts of violence in church settings appear to be:
  14. Which of the following is not a common problem in crisis response situations?
  15. The role of the Incident Commander:
  16. If a crisis hits too close to home, a church should:
  17. When a person of higher authority responds to a crisis, he/she automatically takes over.
  18. By using management best practices, ICS helps to ensure:
  19. When responding to a crisis the Incident command is always the ________ ICS section established.
  20. According to Figley, the __________ phase is when the disaster actually occurs.
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