CRIS 609 Exam 2

CRIS 609 Exam 2 Liberty University

  1. Most pastors are trained and equipped effectively to serve as a chaplain in a shared setting.
  2. Crisis responders should:
  3. The “T” in DROP-IT stands for transportation.
  4. The sympathetic nervous system has an energizing effect and the parasympathetic nervous system has a calming tranquilizing one.
  5. Some disorders that can originate from the hyper-aroused zone are:
  6. The following alterations can manifest if a person spends most of his/her time in the hyper-aroused zone.
  7. It is recommended that emotional and spiritual care leadership be established as.
  8. What people most need in time of great loss is __________.
  9. The “D” in DROP-IT stands for “describe their role and duties in the deployment.”
  10. The speaker believes that in effective evangelism relationship must precede religion.
  11. The speaker in closing says that there are three things we should be aware of.Which one did he not say?
  12. Crisis responders can experience secondary traumatization during response.
  13. Caregivers who are strong in their faith never struggle with their faith in times of disaster, crisis, or great loss.
  14. The team member who provides emotional and spiritual care is called:
  15. A disaster team member must be _______________ fit to serve in a disaster zone.
  16. The person who is best suited to be the Emotional and Spiritual Care Officer is always the one who has the most experience as a ____________.
  17. Living life in the hypo-arousal (freezing / numbing) zone could cause a person to experience numbness, depression, and dissociation.
  18. Which of the following is not listed as a competency a crisis team should have?
  19. Lack of sleep causes depletion of __________ and can impair the immune system.
  20. Lament in times of crisis is
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